Baker Residential Academic Program

Baker Residential Academic Program’s (BRAP) courses and activities focus on Natural Sciences and the Environment. This program is ideal for students interested in future careers in working on environmental problems, such as sustainable use of our resources, science teaching and health sciences. Many of our students major in Biology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Physics, Anthropology, and Astronomy. However, students interested in any major or with no major in mind will find that small Baker RAP classes provide an excellent opportunity to fulfill university core requirements in natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Extracurricular activities, run by staff and faculty associated with the program, include a variety of outdoor experiences, such as rock climbing, mountain climbing, snowshoeing, and backpacking Additionally, field trips to a working gold mine, the Denver zoo and aquarium, and geological/paleontological sites are also offered. We are initiating a new marine science program that will offer classes in both Tropical Marine Ecology and Oceanography, along with a spring break trip to the Florida Keys. These activities are designed to foster an appreciation of natural phenomena, to help students to understand the complex biotic and physical interactions in the natural environment and to gain an appreciation for their place in the natural world and the impact of humans on the future of life on earth.

BRAP offers a living-learning environment in which students both live and take classes in the same building. This arrangement fosters a sense of community within an academic context, helps students identify with an academic and residence “family”, and eases the transition to university life. Baker RAP offers challenging and engaging freshman and sophomore courses, averaging 20 students in size, that are taught by dedicated faculty who love teaching. Baker RAP classes differ from those taught in the ‘major’ departments in that they are very small, they offer direct experiential activities, and they are much more interactive than large lectures. Our students feel that faculty know them and care for them. Explore our website and contact us if you have any questions (303-492-3188).




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